The Central Bank of Lebanon will issue state cryptographic currency in 2021

“first-p”>According to the Central Bank of Lebanon Chairman’s statement, the regulator will release its own crypt currency next year to build confidence in the banking sector;

Central Bank of Lebanon Chairman Riad Salameh said the issuance of state cryptovalue will help the transition to a cashless settlement system, as well as strengthen confidence in the banking sector. He also urged banks to start restructuring, including a 20% change in the capital structure;

“Lebanon has no natural resources and we must store gold because it is an asset that can be sold on foreign markets if we face an inevitable and fateful crisis,” Salame said;

Recall that back in 2017 Salame named
Bitcoin as an “unregulated commodity” and called for a ban on its use. Last October, famous American economist and trader Nassim Taleb stated that the closure of banks in Lebanon could lead to a massive shift to crypt currencies, and this year advised
the country’s citizens to use cryptov currencies;