Strategist of ETF Think Tank: “Apple should invest in bitcoin.”

Portfolio manager at Toroso Investments and leading strategy manager at ETF Think Tank Dan Weiskopf believes that Apple needs to invest some of its reserves in bitcoin.

According to Dan Weiskopf, by investing in bitcoin and integrating it with Apple products, the market capitalization of this technology giant could grow by $100 billion. Weiskopf says that if Apple invests in bitcoin from $10 billion to $20 billion, these investments will bring the company much more profit in the long run than the “risky and expensive” buyback. Besides, investing in the first crypt currency would be a reasonable insurance against inflation;

“I understand that some institutional investors may not support buying bitcoins. But it is better to do mathematical calculations and consider other options besides buying back shares. Whether investors see bitcoins as a way to protect against inflation, as a means to speculate, or as an alternative asset class, it is a technological innovation that Apple can access. Accordingly, this opportunity will be available to Apple shareholders. The Apple leadership has a unique opportunity to think outside the box,” wrote Weiskopf.

He believes that in this way Apple will contribute to the mass introduction of bitcoin, given the company’s popularity and its market capitalization. Thanks to its loyal ecosystem, technological expertise and financial stability, Apple can allow relatively small risks associated with digital technology. If the company meets the most revolutionary technological trends, it will outweigh the risks;

Recently, an analyst under the nickname PlanB suggested that by the end of 2021, the price of bitcoin will reach $100,000, and with positive developments, it could rise to $288,000, even without Apple’s investment in this cryptographic currency;