Mike Novograz talked about his first investment in cryptocurrencies..

A well-known cryptographic enthusiast and Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz spoke about his experience of investing in cryptographic currencies;

During an interview on Nugget News channel, the investor spoke about how he first touched upon the topic of cryptovoltaics. Novograts bought 30,000 BTC and invested in Etherium at an early stage of its development;

“A friend once asked me about Bitcoins… I researched this topic for about 15 minutes and decided that it was a cool technology. It was in 2012, and the Chinese were buying up bitcoins. That’s when I thought the bitcoins would grow;

I was buying bitcoin for $95. It was a very volatile asset, and I thought it would grow. I called my friend Dan Morehead from Pantera and told him to take a look at the bitcoin. Two weeks later, he called me and told me that bitcoin would change the world. So we decided to buy a bunch of bitcoins. And what not to take from Dan, he bought a lot of bitcoins. And we were richer than he was at the time. He bought about 30,000 BTCs, and I decided that I couldn’t give in to him and bought a little more” – said

According to the CEO of Galaxy Digital, he was going to sell bitcoins for $1,000 and buy the plane on the profit. However, his partner Pete Briger did not agree to sell the bitcoins and stated that the BTC rate will grow much stronger;

“As for the air, I bought it from Vitalik Butterin. I met him at dinner. Although he didn’t know me, he thought it would be good for the air if the Wall Street guy bought it. And I bought half a million ETH for 99 cents. And he offered me 98 cents on the air, but while I was thinking, it went up to 99 cents. And that made me an even bigger cryptographic enthusiast,” said Mike Novograz;

In late September, Michael Novograts comparison
the DeFI industry with the ICO boom and spoke about investing in DeFi.