Layer X is developing a new voting system based on a blockbuster

Japanese company Layer X has announced the development of a new system of electronic voting based on blockchain. The system is planned to be implemented in the infrastructure of a smart city, which is being developed in Tsukuba.

Layer X representatives stressed that the new system will meet all the requirements for electronic voting platforms. It will prevent double voting, ensure correct and safe storage of voting results, as well as confidentiality of the voter.

In addition, a convenient system for managing records and voting will be created. Also thanks to the block-keeper, any voter will be able to check his vote and the processes of collecting and recording votes;

Layer X representatives believe that the appearance of such a system will allow the transition from traditional voting to electronic voting at the municipality level. In addition, it will help in the digital transformation of some state processes, as well as in the transformation of Tsukuba into a real “smart city”;

It should be recalled that in early October, the residents of the French city of Vernay-sur-Seine used the application on the Tezos block-chain to vote on road network planning