In Etherium 2.0 45,893 ETH is blocked for stacking

Two days after Vitalik Butterin sent 3,200 ETH for Ethereum 2.0 stacking, 45,893 ETH.

were already sent to the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract address;

According to Etherscan, as of November 8th Ethereum 2.0 had locked 45 893 ETH. Recall that the other day was transferred 3 200 ETH to the address of the deposit contract Ethereum 2.0.

At the current exchange rate, the total value of ETHs blocked for Ethereum 2.0 will exceed $20 million. As explained Buterine in his blog post, Ethereum 2.0 will bring the validators about 15% income. Since validators cannot move or spend their ETH while they are locked out, an incentive system has been implemented;

Previously, the developers of ETH 2.0 published on GitHub a tool to generate the keys needed to make a deposit for a stacking. Developer Danny Ryan said that by December 1, 16 384 deposits of 32 ETH must be made to the contract address to start the deployment of the main network of Air 2.0.

Trader and cryptographic analyst Edward Morra noted that 524,288 ETH.
is required to start the deployment of the main network of Air 2.0;

“There are 176 validators involved in the network. To start the main network we need 524,288 ETH and 16,384 validators,” he said;