Game developer Capcom and Campari winery were attacked by Ragnar Locker

A well-known Japanese game developer Capcom was attacked by the extortion virus Ragnar Locker. At the same time, hackers infiltrated the networks of Italian alcoholic beverage manufacturer Campari Group;

Capcom is a publisher of popular game series, including Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter and Mega Man. The attack on the company’s servers began on November 2, and the infrastructure of all Capcom divisions in the United States, Japan and Canada was vulnerable. Hackers claim that they have stolen at least 1 TB of important data;

“In the early morning of November 2, the Capcom Group networks began working with disruptions. Access to mail and file servers was difficult. The company confirms that the computer infrastructure was accessed by a third party. We had to disable some functions of internal networks,” the company said in a statement;

On a page of the Ragnar Locker hacker group, a 24MB archive with some Capcom files has appeared in the darnet. This is how they confirm that they really managed to steal the developers’ information. Hackers emphasize that the virus encrypted 2,000 devices on Capcom networks, and demand $11 million in bitcoins for the keys to decrypt;

A similar situation occurred with the computer infrastructure of Italian alcoholic beverage manufacturer Campari Group. The attack on the company’s network started on November 1. In this case hackers claim that they have stolen 2 TB of Campari Group data and demand $15mln in bitcoins;

Recall that in August, the U.S. firm CWT, working in the field of corporate tourism, paid a ransom of 414 BTC to operators of the Ragnar Locker virus. At that time, the amount of the ransom was $4.5 million